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We always at ArtiGraphic.Com respects your privacy..!
We want you to use ArtiGraphic.Com services with complete confidence in our commitment to serving you and protecting your private information.


This Privacy Policy describes how ArtiGraphic.Com collects information from users and visitors of the website as well as what we do with this information. This Privacy Policy applies to all of the services, products, images, text data, files and websites offered by our company "Arti Graphic".


The information we collect is used for internal reviews, used to improve our content of the website and used to customize the layout of our web for each individual visitor.

A. Visitors to ArtiGraphic.Com receives “cookies” to track their movement through our website. This information may include referral URL, IP address, browser type and device type.
B. When a visitor opens a contact us or fill our order form, we collect personal information including, but not limited to name, e-mail and phone number and this is only to contact him back.


A. Visitors information collected to diagnose problems & make improvements to our web & services.
B. Customers information is used to create and maintain accounts, contacting customers in case of any problems, provide technical support and other similar activities.


We'll never share any personal info with any other companies. The only way to share this information with other companies outside of us in the following limited circumstances:

A. We have your consent. We require opt-in consent for the sharing of any personal information.
B. We provide such information to your operator, your designer or webmaster, our affiliated companies or other trusted businesses or persons for the purpose of processing personal information on our behalf.

We'll ask you always before sharing this info outside of our company.


We at ArtiGraphic.Com reserve the rights to modify this Privacy Policy, as well as any other policies and/ or agreement at any time.

Please Note:
This policy may change from time to time, each version of this policy will be identified at the bottom of the page by its effective date. The previous version will be always available for review.

Updated on Saturday // 11.August.2012