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A domain name is a unique name for a web site, like Microsoft.com or Artigraphic.com used to identify and locate computers on the Internet. And makes people find your website by write it in any internet browser.

A domain name adds value to your Internet presence and is therefore of great value to your organisation.

Remember: domain names are not just for businesses or organisations - many people register names for their own personal use like Personal websites, family websites, blogs or just to save online files.

If you register a domain name it could be:
Web site address: http://www.your-domain-name .com

And your E-mail addresses will be like: name @ your-domain-name.com



Our domain name is : Artigraphic.com // our E-Mail is : info @ Artigraphic.com 

What is a Domain Name?
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Updated on Saturday // 28.April.2012