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Linking from one website to another in a normal way, so that the other page replaces the current page in the browser is always legal, however, if you knowingly link to a site which infringes on the copyright of a third party, you may be held legally responsible as well. Especially, of course, if you profit from it.

Creating a small "thumbnail" version of an image on another site and using that to link to the other site is also acceptable.
Linking directly to images, not pages, on other sites, or especially embedding them in your own site without their direct permission, may not be legal and is definitely unethical.

Using frames to bring up the web pages of another site so that they appear to be part of your own site, without permission, may not be legal and is also unethical.

Also, remember that if you embed images from other sites directly like this, the other webmaster can tell and they may change the image to something highly unpleasant. And since using images like this without permission is stealing, we don't have any sympathy for those it happens to.

Is it legal to link to other websites?
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Updated on Sunday // 29.January.2012