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An all Flash website is handicapped versus a semantic website (HTML). Even optimizing non content aspects of your pages will still put an all Flash website at a severe disadvantage.

The problems with using Flash include:

1) It's a one page site. How many one page sites do you know that rank well?

2) You lose the power of semantic markup. No HTML = no clues for the search engines as to the importance of keywords.

3) Expanding on point 2, you don't have any anchor text since you don't have any internal links. That just kills you in Google.

4) There isn't a whole lot of proof that the search engines can read flash as well as HTML.

If you are making an all flash site, your only real hope is to try to be successful in a massive incoming link campaign. Otherwise you have to target marginally competitive keywords or niche keywords as you virtually don't have a prayer of ranking for anything even remotely competitive.

Your only other option is to create a second version of the site so it can be read by search engines, users with accessibility issues, and users who don't have flash. Of course you've doubled your development costs by doing this as you have two websites to maintain now.

IS Flash bad for SEO?
Written by // Arti Graphic
Updated on Sunday // 29.January.2012