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How do I access webmail for my website? Print E-mail
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You can access your webmail by visiting this link ( http://yourdomain.com/webmail ).

Just replace "yoursite.com" with your domain name..


The internet browser will open a new window and ask you about your Username and Password to open the WebMail. You can get this information from your hosting provider.

After Type the username and password, you'll redirect to your webmail control panel. You can Then change your password, Set e-mail forward, and more..

To Access your inbox or to send new messages, Click in any icon like the icons bellow.

Choose Horde to open your mail using Horde system, or You can choose Squirrel Mail to read and send emails using Squirrel system.

How do I access webmail for my website?
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Updated on Monday // 05.March.2012